Rumored 12.9-inch iPad not likely to happen anytime soon

apple 2014

Word has recently come up that the iPad Air and the 2nd gen iPad Mini are likely going to stay as the latest installments of the iPad series this year – save perhaps a refresh in the current iPad model. Based on the sentiments of analyst Ming-Chi … [Read more...]

The Next iPad: “Significantly lighter and slimmer”

ipad mini

The sentiments of Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, have become quite popular of late, touching up on how “significantly lighter and slimmer” the next iPad incarnation will be. Already dubbed by different online sites, forums and message … [Read more...]

The “iPad Mini’s” e-book enhanced capabilities to be highlighted this Oct 23


With October 23 ascribed to be the official unveiling date of the “iPad Mini”, a side-speculation has been circulating around the scheduled event, with many talking about how the “iPad Mini’s” enhanced capabilities for e-book reading will take center … [Read more...]

iPad Mini?


With reports indicating a lowering trend in App Store sales in the 1st quarter of 2012, talk about how Apple’s mobiles are loosing followers is piling up, with most discussions talking about the practical sides of its competitor gadgets (mostly … [Read more...]