Interesting Music Apps for Your Apple iPhone

Interesting Music Apps for Your Apple iPhone

Music lovers would definitely find the new Apple iPhone as interesting as a newly released version of the Maroon 5 album. There are many musical applications that make the Apple iPhone one of the most sought-after phone among people from the music … [Read more...]

Slashed iPhone prices at BestBuy and Target


In an expected twist of events, Apple and a number of the brand’s authorized resellers have slashed the prices of current iPhone models, an act which is attributed to have been caused by an announced Apple media event scheduled next month. The … [Read more...]

New iPhone to come out by August?

iPhone 5 logo

Given the iPhone’s standing in the mobile gadgetry industry, anticipation over the next generation iPhone is one that has been in high in volume of late, especially when the said “traditional new release period” of Apple is nearing. Having made it … [Read more...]

Rumors of late- The next iPhone’s Processor and Specs


With its said release date coming close, a number of rumors pertaining to the next iPhone have come about, with one touching up on the mobile’s processor speed and specs, a new rumor which stands apart from the “established” talk regarding the next … [Read more...]