iPad Mini’s Slow Production is Over

iPad Mini Production

Everyone who's thinking of buying iPad Mini 2 but got discouraged of low supply this coming Christmas need not worry anymore. The following positive signs are a hint that Apple is back on their tracks in supplying techie's demands. - Digitimes' … [Read more...]

Apple Unveils Faster iPhone, and a Cheaper One, Too

Apple Unveils Faster iPhone, and a Cheaper One, Too

That is why Apple is releasing two new iPhones this month instead of just one, including a cheaper model aimed at less wealthy countries where new Apple phones have been desired but are out of reach because of their price. The lower-cost … [Read more...]

Apple reportedly blocks personnel vacation leaves in lieu with upcoming iPhone launch

Upcoming iphone Launch

AppleInsider reports that Apple has reportedly blocked employee and support personnel vacation leaves for September 15 to 28, with the move essentially viewed as the company’s way of preparing for the upcoming launch of the new iPhone and the new iOS … [Read more...]

50 billionth App Store download, logged


Apple’s App Store recently celebrated a milestone in seeing through its 50 billionth app download. In less than two weeks since the company had initiated its countdown to the 50 billionth App Store app download at the start of the month, Apple … [Read more...]

AppleCare to offer in-store iOS device repair services by fall this year


Good news for iDevice owners; AppleCare will be offering a new range of services by fall this year, including in-store iOS device repair services that covers products which are already beyond their warranty terms. In a report featured by … [Read more...]

Windows’ Security Hacker hired by Apple

Kristin Paget

As a response to the increasing number of threats targeting Apple’s OS X computer operating system platform, Apple welcomed Kristin Paget, a former employee of Microsoft, into its ranks. During her stint with Microsoft, Paget once worked with a … [Read more...]

Apple Certified Refurbished Products on eBay

Apple Certified Refurbished Products on eBay

Given the way gadget brands have been quick in releasing new models on a regular basis, the refurbished products market is rapidly gaining traction, highlighting a number of relatively new products whose prices are at a fraction of their original … [Read more...]

Apple, $20 million and the Swiss Railway Clock Design

Swiss Railway Clock Design

We last touched up on reports of how Apple’s new clock design closely resembled an iconic clock design sported in Swill Railway Clocks. Designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944, the issue has somewhat been raised by different media outfits, given how … [Read more...]

Apple’s “Patent War” now includes Google

Apple’s “Patent War” now includes Google

After Apple’s tiff with its UK site’s issues with its dry apology on the whole Samsung case, the Cupertino-based brand recently “escalated its patent war”, now involving Google. Keying in on the release of Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean, … [Read more...]

Apple hides its UK Apology to Samsung with “code”?

apple uk website

In line with a UK Court’s recent decision over the Apple VS Samsung patent infringement case, Apple is required to display an apology statement over the matter online for the month, indicating that Samsung did not infringe on any patents. However, … [Read more...]