50 billionth App Store download, logged


Apple’s App Store recently celebrated a milestone in seeing through its 50 billionth app download. In less than two weeks since the company had initiated its countdown to the 50 billionth App Store app download at the start of the month, Apple … [Read more...]

Apple’s App Store Notes

Apple’s App Store Notes

A relatively new feature found in Apple’s App Store had recently been the focus of online discussions and industry guards, taking shape in App Store Notes. Initially rolled out last December, the feature is essentially designed to better … [Read more...]

Apple Stores said to support “Passbook-driven” Purchases

Apple Stores said to support “Passbook-driven” Purchases

Talk of Apple soon to replace its EasyPay point-of-sale system have been circulating, one which is pegged in line with Apple’s said upcoming implementation of Passbook. Reported to happen by the end of October, the new feature found in the iOS 6 … [Read more...]

Apple “weaning off” its brink-and-mortar stores in the UK?

apple store

As the highly anticipated “iPhone 5” is nearing its said release date, a new bit of gossip revolving around Apple had recently come up, this time involving the alleged layoffs issued to a number of Apple Store personnel in the UK and other … [Read more...]

App Store’s Editor’s Choice and App of the Week Promotions


Reports of a new “update” in Apple’s App Store tell of the addition of an “Editor’s Choice” and “App of the Week” category, geared in facilitating the easy discovery of choice apps for use and App Store users. Apps such as the recently released … [Read more...]

EasyPay, an automatic payment system, may soon come to the Apple Store

Like with some hypermarkets or department stores have also installed similar systems in their premises, Apple is planning to implement an automatic payment method on their official stores. According to a source of 9to5Mac, this system is called … [Read more...]

Revealed: Apple's New Fifth Avenue Store Cube (Videos)

The new Apple store opening on the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan was set to reopen at 10:00 AM this morning. And we have no got pictures and even a video of the completed design that we have been hearing about for a couple of days now. For the first time … [Read more...]

Apple Opens New Online Store in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and the UAE

If you are from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates , You can today purchase Apple products and accessories directly from the online Apple store . … [Read more...]

Tilt-Shift Videos To Process Videos And Images

Introducing the first app in the App Store that allows you to generate Tilt-Shift Videos!!! Check the samples: http://TiltShiftVideoApp.com TiltShift Video - Fidel Lainez … [Read more...]

Date T Calc : can calculate future and past dates

Date T Calc can calculate future and past dates adding days, hours and minutes to a specified date. It can also calculate date difference between two dates you select. … [Read more...]