iPad Mini 2 May Be In Short Supply


If you're thinking of buying the iPad Mini 2 as a Christmas present, you might have to think again if you're planning to give it this year. With its good reviews from critics, around 9 million potential buyers could be chasing about 4 million of … [Read more...]

iFixit Already Disintegrated New iPad Air


While you are still bombarded with the thoughts and talks of iPad Air, confronted with the motive of buying or not, while Apple has just resolved the issue of iPad Mini 2 production, and Apple Stores busily selling the hot stuff; iFixit has already … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 concept from Iskander Utebayev

The buzz over the new iPhone 6 concept uploaded in YouTube has caused a stir to Apple fans. Concept from Iskander Utebayev, shows the phone with a wraparound touchscreen with more buttons on the sides. One of the comments is for its impracticality … [Read more...]

iPad Predecessor vs iPad Air

ipad air from google

Compared to the former units of iPad, the newly launched iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 is twice faster with the evolution from A6 chip to the new A7. Retina display is way an advantage as it is coined as of now from Apple, of having the highest … [Read more...]

iOS 7: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade


Taking a leap can be fraught with danger. This is true even when the decision revolves around your fave Apple gadget. The newest and currently labeled ‘most versatile’ ever of the mobile OS bunch, iOS 7, brings in a plethora of useful improvements … [Read more...]

Is Apple cannibalizing itself with the 5C?

iPhone 5C

While word of Apple’s new iPhones is up and about, different online media outfits have been quick in pointing out a “trend” with Apple’s take in the release and follow up of the brands product line, raising the question: is Apple cannibalizing itself … [Read more...]

Surprise: Apple’s Novel iPhone 5S Fingerprint Tech Gets Hacked 1 Day After Phone Launch

iPhone 5S

Apple has done the unimaginable again: over 9 million units of its latest iPhone 5S and 5C sold upon launching (days ago). Whew! Truly awesome data, a stagerring 80 % increase when compared to its iPhone 5 sales last year and clearly the best … [Read more...]

Aftershocks of the 5S and 5C Launch

5S and 5C Launch

Apple finally unveiled its newest iPhone models, essentially proving a huge chunk of previously released leaks and rumors revolving around the product right. For the first time ever, the Cupertino-based company unveiled two new iPhone models … [Read more...]

Rumor Has It: New Apple TV won’t make headlines with rumored iPhone launch


While anticipation over the unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone (or iPhones) is at the top of countless blogs and tech-centered media outfits, a new rumor delving into the alleged launch of Apple’s latest Apple TV with the new mobile devices has recently … [Read more...]

Why Apple suddenly needs Google again

Why Apple suddenly needs Google again

Once back-slapping friends, the relationship between Apple and Google was torpedoed by the ascendency of Android. Eric Schmidt resigned from the Apple board, Steve Jobs declared "thermonuclear war" against Android, and little by little Apple … [Read more...]