Facebook’s new Nearby Friends feature

Facebook Nearby Friends

After rolling out new and updated versions of its Facebook Messenger app, the social networking giant introduced a new feature in is mobile application suite – the “Nearby Friends” feature. An opt-in feature at its core, Nearby Friends affords … [Read more...]

Rumors of Facebook Home for the iOS quickly shot down

facebook ios

A report recently featured by Bloomberg has been the subject of piqued interests, touching up on the prospects of Facebook Home for the iOS. However, just as quick as the report went viral, another report by The Next Web cited a source “inside … [Read more...]

Facebook Home for Android Unveiled – What about iOS?

Facebook Home for Android Unveiled

The social networking monolith known as Facebook certainly got everyone on the edge of their seats this week, amidst the rumors of it unveiling a new mobile product offering. Turns out that mobile product offering wasn’t a Facebook-branded phone … [Read more...]

Facebook app for the iOS, updated

Facebook app for the iOS, updated

Facebook recently rolled out an updated version of its Facebook app for the iOS platform this week, featuring in-app enhancements made to enhance its users’ mobile Facebook-ing experiences. Officially known as Facebook for iOS Version 5.6, the … [Read more...]

Facebook and the iOS-wide integration


Some posts back, we touched up on rumors of a Facebook iOS-wide integration, which basically puts Facebook in the same spot Twitter has been on, in terms of how deep it has gone into the iOS operating system for mobiles. Recently, a report from … [Read more...]

When “Stay Tuned” draws many to do so

When “Stay Tuned” draws many to do so

Hints are not really something which everyone wants to hear, given their tendency to be vague, unclear and undefined. But when someone like Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, hints with a “a stay tuned”, thought balloons over the heads of those who … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger Now Available Where You Are

The Facebook Messenger app on the iPhone has quickly spread and is not being used my many in the U.S. It was one of the most popular apps before Apple introduced the iMessenger with the iOS 5. However, most of iPhone users that are not in the U.S. … [Read more...]

Softonic Moba 1.0.3

With Softonic Moba we can download content from this download page on our iPhone without having to be visit the homepage. Softonic Moba is a tool for the iPhone that offers the possibility to connect to the official Softonic page from the comfort of … [Read more...]

Alternative to Siri

With the release of iPhone 4S and Siri, many users of the previous generation of the phone looking for an alternative to this incredible feature. Navigating the App Store you can find several applications that are similar. One of the best is Vlingo, … [Read more...]

Download Facbook For iPad

The Facebook for iPad is about to released on the App Store. Also the iPhone app will get updated, the publication has it, with bookmarks to apps, a new Requests dialog that will display app notifications, and support for Facebook Credits for in-app … [Read more...]