Devices may Cause Eyesight Complication

using apps in the dark

Some people prefer the paperback books, but a lot are now hooked to their devices for ebooks that may offer visual graphics to enjoy the book more. What's more, with gadgets loaded with games and ebooks, one can read and play even in the … [Read more...]

Alien Match HD for the iOS


Boasting a superior graphics set calibrated for high end iDevices, Alien Match HD proves to be an interesting space themed sideway (or sideways) runner. Elementally simple with its in-game premise, the title requires players to jump from one … [Read more...]

Final Strike 3D for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Final Strike 3D

In the simplest of terms, Final Strike 3D is a modern combat action game, one that immerses players to the challenging and exciting world of helicopter combat. With a 3 dimensional in-game dynamic, iDevice owners will find themselves manning … [Read more...]

MotoHeroz – Bringing the “Side-Scrolling” gaming platform to life


With its fast gameplay factors and its frantic, no-nonsense approach in delivering gaming experiences, MotoHeroz for the iOS by Ubisoft successfully brings iDevice users to the engaging and exiting world of rally racing. With all the racing games … [Read more...]

Buy Cafeteria Nipponica

Cafeteria Nipponica

Cafeteria Nipponica v1.0.2 Requirements: Android OS 1.6 and up Description Find ingredients, make menus, and run your own restaurant in this sizzling sim! --Kairo News: "Pocket Clothier" released-- Don your chef's hat and hit the kitchen! … [Read more...]

Download Free The Infinite Black (MMO) for Android

The infinite black mmo

The Infinite Black (MMO) v0.5998 Requirements: Android OS 2.0 and up FREE MMO - Online Space Combat and Exploration! In this amazing massive multiplayer online space game, you choose the path of humble trader, intergalactic warrior, … [Read more...]

GameFly Games for iOS and the ‘droid


As a leader the subscription-based game rental services industry, GameFly has long been heralded as a trustworthy name, even dubbed as the “Netflix equivalent for video games”. Last Wednesday, the “Netflix equivalent for video games” announced its … [Read more...]

#Monday Best Sales On AppStore Compatible With iOS 5 (Games & Apps)

Deals & Steals from Smash iPhone , the weekly deals of App Store . Here are today’s on iOS, Mac, and Mac App Store apps that are on sale for a limited time, so get them before they end. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds is Updated To Version 1.6.3

Angry Birds , probably the most popular game for mobile devices, has just been updated with 15 new levels.It’s the end of the line for the piggies, with the final update for Mine and Dine! The Angry Birds have followed them deep into their … [Read more...]

Deals & Steals : App Store Sale

        Deals & Steals from Smash iPhone , the daily deals of App Store .Here are today’s on iOS, Mac, and Mac App Store apps that are on sale for a limited time, so get them before they end. … [Read more...]