iCloud offering 25 gigs until 2050?

iCloud offering 25 gigs

Apple’s iCloud service/cloud storage management system shocked some of its users lately, with an apparent glitch entitling them for 25 gigs of storage space until 2050. Reported by TUAW, the said “glitch” was noticed on the day when the … [Read more...]

Web Notes and Reminders – iCloud Beta highlights

iCloud Beta highlights

With Apple’s iTunes reported to be due for a makeover before the end of 2012, the brand’s iCloud Beta site recently came out with updates, with web-based variations of popular iOS apps. Though still on Beta, the new iCloud Beta site features a … [Read more...]

iCloud goes to court

iCloud goes to court

A class action suit is on the works, targeting Apple for its iCloud service. The lawsuit puts Apple in a tight position, accusing the industry leader of "unfair, unlawful, deceptive, and misleading practices", in relation to Apple’s promotions and … [Read more...]

3 iPhone 4S Amazing Videos (Siri, iCloud and Camera) Ad By Apple

We all have seen the first TV ad that Apple have released advertising the iPhone 4S, if you remember this ad featured Siri the personal assistant that was the main feature Apple wanted to concentrate on. Now Apple has launched three more ads each … [Read more...]

Aperture 3.2 and iPhoto 9.2 Now Compatible with iCloud and iOS 5

We have seen Apple today update every software that it has made in the past. This followed the release of the OS X Lion 10.7.2 with iCloud integration. We now have seen that the Aperture and iPhoto for the Mac have also been updated. … [Read more...]

Apple Succeeds To get Rights To Put Hollywood Blockbusters on The iCloud

The LA Times and WSJ have both leaked reports stating that Apple is now in the negotiation phase with Hollywood movie studios  to secure rights to store and maybe then stream content with iCloud as early as late 2011 or early next year. … [Read more...]

No Longer "Beta" on iCloud.com

It's look like Apple  putting the final touches on their new iCloud service. iCloud.com has been updated this evening with a new login screen.If you go now to the website you will not see "beta". iCloud.com, itself, still seems restricted to … [Read more...]

Apple may be releasing Mac OS X Lion and iTunes iCloud before iOS 5

We heard during the Lets Talk iPhone event last week that the iOS 5 and the iCloud will be available for users on the 12th of October. iCloud for those of you who do not remember or were not at the event is a system that allows the user to store … [Read more...]

Apple Plans iTunes Match iCloud Library Reset for Sept. 26

Apple has announced that they are going to reset iTunes to match iCloud libraries on Monday, 26th of September. The image you see above has just appeared on iTunes as note of the reset. Also to note this reset Apple has sent emails to iTunes Match … [Read more...]

Apple Will Delete Your iCloud Backups on September 22

According to a posting on the Apple Developer boards, the company will delete all iCloud Backup data on September 22 as a preparation  for the launch of iCloud and iOS 5 . … [Read more...]