A “low-cost” iMac to be launched soon?


Prior to the release of the iPhone 5C, the notion of Apple coming up with “low-cost” product variants seemed to be unlikely, considering how the brand had established itself in offering only premium rated devices that are made from the finest of … [Read more...]

Mac’s Shipments decline


While the sales performances of tablets and smartphones have been record breaking over the 2012 holiday shopping season, the PC side in the world of tech hasn’t been as active, based on the preliminary PC shipment estimates released by International … [Read more...]

Problems already foreseen in the new iMacs


As Apple had recently released its new line of all-in-one desktop systems in the new iMacs, potential problems to be encountered with the products have already come up, with iFixit noting issues and concerns which prospective purchasers should know … [Read more...]

New iMacs available online


Though it is true that Apple, as a brand, has been likened to the release and development of smartphones and tablets, the brand is essentially a computer maker, owing its initial release and products to dedicated desktop systems geared for … [Read more...]

The New iMac is For Education

A new edition of the iMac by Apple specially for education, the new edition of the iMac line  Education only iMac its for Schools and institutes at price $999. … [Read more...]

Apple Updates iMac Line – Thunderbolt & Quad Cores All Round …

Just as we’ve been expecting Apple today updated its iMac line, bringing quad-core CPUs and Thunderbolt to all models. … [Read more...]

Sandy Bridge iMacs Coming Tomorrow, May 3rd?

Citing sources “familiar with the matter,” a new report suggests Apple will launch its new lineup of iMacs tomorrow, May 3rd, featuring Intel’s newest family of Sandy Bridge processors, and the company’s high-speed Thunderbolt port in place of … [Read more...]