Google Maps for the new iPhone (iOS 6) finally rolled out


As the new Google Maps for the iPhone 5 and its iOS 6-driven siblings finally rolled out, the release bodes a mix of reactions, combining a sigh of relief for iOS 6 users who had experienced problems with Apple’s well known failure in Apple Maps, … [Read more...]

YouTube for the iOS 6

YouTube iOS 6 App

When the iOS 6 initially came out, smartphone and tablet users running on the mobile operating system noted the absence of a dedicated YouTube app, just as they had noted the absence of support for Google’s Google Maps service. That had changed … [Read more...]

iOS 6 and how it has been faring with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

iOS 6

As Apple’s newest iOS version had been released last month, its Maps app/service feature has been at the top of most critiques, with many Apple customers not all that satisfied with Maps performance as an informed mapping software … [Read more...]

iOS 6’s Maps and its negative reactions

ios 6

With the new iOS 6 already released, reviews touching up on its featured highlights have come out, with a significant portion of those dedicated in negatively shedding some light on its Maps software features. With rumors talking about Google Maps … [Read more...]

iOS 6’s Features, Released


As news of Apple’s win over Samsung has been the headlines of numerous tech venues and avenues – along with how supermodel Kate Upton brought her iPhone with her during a Samsung event – the announced feature set to come with the iOS 6 has somewhat … [Read more...]

Another “discovered” iOS 6 limitation


The release of the Beta version of Apple’s iOS 6 for mobile devices has been the subject of a lot of queries and “road test trials”, resulting to a number of concerns affecting iOS users, network service providers and Apple. From reactions delving … [Read more...]

Download Free iOS 6 Beta 1 for Devs


The Beta 1 version of the iOS 6 has recently been released, designed to suit the needs of developers for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, 3rd Gen iPod touch and 4th Gen iPod touch units. The new version of the famed iOS series is pegged … [Read more...]