Top 10 Best Dating Apps for iPad


Let’s face it, getting a date can be quite a challenge. It’s when your options are limited, that your prospects seems like finding a needle in a haystack. For iPad users however, things maybe looking good. With the right apps, getting yourself … [Read more...]

Top Weather Apps for iPad

ipad weather apps

Definitely, the weather’s a hard nut to crack. Thanks to an i-tablet, however, chances are, you could get out of harm’s way with just a few taps. And though, it may not boast of a basic weather app akin to its not-so-distant cousin, the iPhone, … [Read more...]

Top iPad Apps for College


There’s no telling how much an iPad can take load off your back in college. Especially when you’re still a newbie and everything around you is unsettling. The climb seem all uphill. And though you still can’t bring it during exams (unless it’s an … [Read more...]

Top 10 iPad Apps for Engineers

ipad apps for engineers

Engineers are an exacting breed; and an iPad fits right to any budding engineer’s need - like water to a thirsty camel. Many a-skyscraper and plenty a-bridges would not have seen the light of day had engineers slept on the job. True. Take the Roman … [Read more...]

Top 10 Apps for Travelers 2014


Certainly, travel today has gotten a new meaning with all the technology available - whether you’re planning to put a flag on top of Mt. Everest or get yourself acquainted with the rhinos and the hippos in the middle of Africa. When you’re out … [Read more...]

Top Facebook Business Apps


For a business, not attending to one’s Facebook page may be a sin – a mortal sin to be exact. Talk about turning your back on a billion (and rising) possible clientele. Here are top facebook apps that your business should utilize to add value and … [Read more...]

The Best iOS Apps for Fitness

iOs Fitness Apps

Who says iOS is only for gaming must have not met these apps. If sports is in your blood and keeping fit the name of your game, read on. Below are iPad’s claim to fame when it comes to making you healthy and wise. Of course, keeping things … [Read more...]

The new Foursquare for the iOS

Foursquare for the iOS

A new version of Foursquare for the iOS was recently rolled out, heralding significant changes which the successful location-based social network is intent on implementing. Officially known as Foursquare version 5.5, the new app enhances the … [Read more...]

Gmail for iOS – Updated and enhanced for iOS

gmail for ios

With Google’s email suite being one of the most used, utilized and trusted in the world, negative criticisms came up and about upon the first release of Gmail for iOS, mostly covering one rub any developer hates to hear about – bugs. With the … [Read more...]