Alien Match HD for the iOS


Boasting a superior graphics set calibrated for high end iDevices, Alien Match HD proves to be an interesting space themed sideway (or sideways) runner. Elementally simple with its in-game premise, the title requires players to jump from one … [Read more...]

Machine World for the iOS

Machine World

Rarely does one equate heavy equipment and machinery with countless hours of fun. However, in no way does this mean that such equipment can’t play an important role in affording iDevice owners with the chance to have a go at a large-scale digital … [Read more...]

Final Strike 3D for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Final Strike 3D

In the simplest of terms, Final Strike 3D is a modern combat action game, one that immerses players to the challenging and exciting world of helicopter combat. With a 3 dimensional in-game dynamic, iDevice owners will find themselves manning … [Read more...]

Injustice: Gods Among Us for the iOS Platform

Injustice Gods Among Us

The release of the highly successful Injustice: Gods Among Us for the iOS effectively heralds a new age for gaming and the mobile industry as a whole: quality game titles are now readily made available for smartphones and tablets. Taking after the … [Read more...]

MotoHeroz – Bringing the “Side-Scrolling” gaming platform to life


With its fast gameplay factors and its frantic, no-nonsense approach in delivering gaming experiences, MotoHeroz for the iOS by Ubisoft successfully brings iDevice users to the engaging and exiting world of rally racing. With all the racing games … [Read more...]

GameFly Games for iOS and the ‘droid


As a leader the subscription-based game rental services industry, GameFly has long been heralded as a trustworthy name, even dubbed as the “Netflix equivalent for video games”. Last Wednesday, the “Netflix equivalent for video games” announced its … [Read more...]