Apple rolls out another OSX 10.9.3 Beta


Apple recently rolled out another beta version for developers of its OSX 10.9.3 operating system, close to a week after a first version release was launched. As with most OSX beta release versions, the second installment came with enhancements and … [Read more...]

iOS 7.1 Features

ios update

With the iOS 7.1 released last week, Sharon Vaknin of CNET shared a good list of new features best tried out by users. From showing Siri who's the boss to adding usefulness of the button shapes, click on the features you want to know … [Read more...]

The iOS Kindle Update

ICS for Galaxy Tab 10.1

With new adjustable margins and enhanced features taking shape in Notebook for Textbooks, the Kindle app for the iOS recently came out with an update, one which tackles on the issues which had been bothering users in previous versions. Designed to … [Read more...]