Rumors surrounding this year’s iPads

ipad 2

Talking to AppleInsider, the analysis of KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo has once again sparked a range of rumors revolving around Apple’s planned product refreshes this year, specifically focusing on the iPad line. Based on Kuo’s information, 2014’s iPads are … [Read more...]

Belkin’s Thunderstorm speakers for the iPad

Belkin’s Thunderstorm  speakers for the iPad

As one of the featured devices in Macworld, Belkin’s Thunderstorm easily brings new meaning to the concept of “room-filling audio” for iPad owners. Essentially a speaker attachment device, the Thunderstorm is described to be a handheld home … [Read more...]

iPad 2 still without Siri as iPad Mini is Siri-capable

iPad 2 still without Siri as iPad Mini is Siri-capable

As Apple officially announced and unveiled the iPad Mini last Tuesday, Apple flowers have been quick in taking note of the new tablet’s specs, matched by looking up on the device’s official pre order dates and roll out schedules. But as countless … [Read more...]

iPad is top item used in tablet-based online browsing


Digital publishing resource and tools developer Onswipe recently released the results of its first ever study, with the said study noting that most online browsing using a tablet was done with an iPad. Accounting for 98.1% of the entire study’s … [Read more...]

New iOS 5.0.1 Fixes iPad 2 Smart Cover Security Problem

Apple released iOS 5.0.1 for developers, the new update of iOS 5 comes with many improvements and fixing many bugs like Battery issues and adds multitasking gestures for iPad, and one of the most important fix was iPad 2 Smart cover Security Problem … [Read more...]

iPad 2 On iOS 5 Successfully Jailbroken [Video]

Jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS 5 is not a dream! The well known iPhone hacker MuscleNerd the brain of the iPhone Dev-team has just posted a video showing an iPad 2 jailbreak on iOS 5. … [Read more...]

Siri On iPad 2 Is Possible ! (Photo)

Early Today we have posted that the Siri ported successfully  to the iPhone 4, and now it seems that Siri on iPad 2 is possible . Here's screenshot shows Siri on iPad 2 is real . … [Read more...]

iPad 2 has 80% of the tablet market in North America

When you think about today's slim, modern day tablets, the iPad is the first that will come to mind, and it's also the number one in the market. Before Apple invaded the tablet market it had established itself in the desktop software and had price … [Read more...]

Apple now Lending iPads!

It pays to work at Apple! Apple has started to test a new program where they lend iPads to Apple Store employees. This lending program works in the same way that a library lends books. … [Read more...]

iPad 2s are NOW Being Offered For Streaming Moving by Qantas Airlines

A six week trial program has been launched by Qantas Airlines, where passengers will be offerend iPad 2 to be used for the time of the flight. They can use it for streaming movies over in-flight Wi-Fi. Passengers will be able to use a pre-loaded 'Q … [Read more...]