“iPad Pro” production alleged to be on hold


Word has recently come up that the production of Apple’s “iPad Pro” has been put on hold due to issues related to component supply availability. Based on different leaks and rumors newsbits hailing from Taiwan, it is noted that the larger screen … [Read more...]

Devices may Cause Eyesight Complication

using apps in the dark

Some people prefer the paperback books, but a lot are now hooked to their devices for ebooks that may offer visual graphics to enjoy the book more. What's more, with gadgets loaded with games and ebooks, one can read and play even in the … [Read more...]

Rumored 12.9-inch iPad not likely to happen anytime soon

apple 2014

Word has recently come up that the iPad Air and the 2nd gen iPad Mini are likely going to stay as the latest installments of the iPad series this year – save perhaps a refresh in the current iPad model. Based on the sentiments of analyst Ming-Chi … [Read more...]

iPad or iPhone as Future Home Remote Control


Several blog posts have pieces of information about remote controlled home fixtures, with a little off the wall ideas and jaw-dropping prices for installation, programming, and the furniture or appliance itself. Some app experts and no doubt Apple, … [Read more...]

How to Move Contents From Your Old iPad to Your New One


The new iPad air and iPad Mini 2 has become the new trend, but your old one has it more compared to the upgrades of the new tablets. It's not just the sentimental value, but the crucial data and information that might be too much to lose or … [Read more...]

iPad Mini 2 May Be In Short Supply


If you're thinking of buying the iPad Mini 2 as a Christmas present, you might have to think again if you're planning to give it this year. With its good reviews from critics, around 9 million potential buyers could be chasing about 4 million of … [Read more...]

iPad Predecessor vs iPad Air

ipad air from google

Compared to the former units of iPad, the newly launched iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 is twice faster with the evolution from A6 chip to the new A7. Retina display is way an advantage as it is coined as of now from Apple, of having the highest … [Read more...]

Easy Steps to Maximize your iPad’s Battery Life

Apple Batteries

You could get so absorbed in your brand new iPad– especially if it’s sitting comfortably on its elegant iPad keyboard case- that chances are you won’t notice its power draining. Before you have that grouchy look and a raised eyebrow, here are easy … [Read more...]

Best iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

If you want it fast, then iPad is the way to go. No need to physically open it up ( i.e., peculiarities of its netbook predecessor) - it’s just touch and you’re good to go: web surfing, Youtube, unlimited games. Enjoy. No argument there. However, … [Read more...]

Goblin Defenders: Steel’n Wood: A “Tower Defense” Game with a Twist

Goblin Defenders Steel 'n' Wood

As a “tower defense” game, Goblin Defenders: Steel’n Wood takes a dynamic, proactive take in how gameplay experiences with such game genres are at their highest of peaks. With most games of its class entailing attacks coming from one direction, … [Read more...]