Rumor Has It: Low-cost “iPhone 5S” reported to come in expanded body color options

Rumor Has It  Low-cost “iPhone 5S” reported to come in expanded body color options

The latest rumor revolving around the alleged low-cost “iPhone 5S” talks about how it would come in an expanded selection of body color options. Given the fact that Apple has been adamant in maintaining a strict standard when talking about the … [Read more...]

Ken Segall’s take on Apple’s product naming scheme

Steve Jobs' Longtime Advisor Admits Apple Screwed Up The iPhone Naming System

A feature ran by Business Insider featured the sentiments of Apple brand consultant Ken Segall on Apple’s product naming scheme, noting that its overall scope is sending the wrong message about the iPhone lineup. In the report, Segall shares that … [Read more...]

Compare iPhone Models

Compare iPhone models

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“Teardown” reveals a number of similarities between the S III and 4S

similarities between the S III and 4S

A teardown, which is basically the act of breaking apart a device, reveals that the latest Samsung Galaxy S III mobile sports parts which are similar with those on the iPhone 4S. Initiated by iFixit, the teardown was featured in conjunction with … [Read more...]

iPhone would have been good not great without Steve Jobs


Throughout iPhone’s history, Steve Jobs has been enthusiastic about selling it. When Jobs spoke at an Apple keynote you could tell he had real enthusiasm about his products. He was genuinely excited to see how his products would shape the tech world. … [Read more...]

Siri On iPhone 4 is Being Tested By Apple — Seeds Internal Build (REPORT)

JailbreakNation released a report stating that they think that Apple did not make Siri exclusively for the iPhone 4S. They are stating that Apple are thinking about a port for Siri to the iPhone 4. The report says, … [Read more...]

U.S. Cellular: The carrier that turned down the iPhone

Reports from FierceWireless have been released earlier that the CEO of US  Cellular, Mary Dillon, this morning told their investors that the carrier was given the opportunity to carry Apple's new smartphone, and they turned it down. US Cellular are … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S Users Complaining of Audio Issues, With No Explanations from Apple Support Staff

At the beginning of this week, BGR posted  that there as been a growing number of complaints seen on the Apple support forum and all regarding a problem that is occurring with echoes on the iPhone 4S when the users are using their headsets. One of … [Read more...]

Siri Facing a Sever Hiccup

'Siri', the iPhone 4S's famous personal assistant which has been bragged about by Apple since the launch of the iPhone 4S seem to be having a few problem. It is disappointing that the problems have already started only a month after the announcement … [Read more...]

C Spire To Launch iPhone 4S, 4 On November 11th

C Spire has now announced that it will launch both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 on November 11th. Now iPhone 4S is available for 4 U.S carriers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and C Spire.  C Spire is taking  Pre-registrations now from here . … [Read more...]