The iPhone 5’s current achievements


Though still in its pre order status, the iPhone 5 has managed to rake in its own share of achievements, outperforming the Intel Atom processor line in a JavaScript test. Also, though a delay of pre order deliveries generally comes as bad news, … [Read more...]

Wozniak’s hopes on the iPhone 5

Wozniak’s hopes on the iPhone 5

As Apple recently celebrated the unveiling of its newest iPhone 5, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak raised his sentiments and expectations over the new smartphone in an interview with Bloomberg. Particularly focused on the quality of images one can … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Preorders Now Available?


With October drawing near, it is impossible not to hear talk about the next iPhone, with various rumors noting that it is scheduled for release announcement by September 12, as countless reports indicate that Apple’s all set for a media announcement … [Read more...]

Update: The iPhone 5

If you are an iPhone fan, then you must have heard of the iPhone 5. We have been following rumors that have been going around  about the iPhone 5 very closely, these started quite a time back. … [Read more...]

Now Appearing in Apple's inventory system, the new iPod and iPhone 4

As the 4th of October is getting closer, and anticipation for the Apple event id becoming greater and greater. There have been two announcements from Apple that have been revealed in Apple's internal inventory system. … [Read more...]

A Defect That May Delay The Shipments Of The iPhone 5

According to some leaders of the assembly process of the iPhone 5, a defect that affects the touch panels produced by Wintek may delay initial shipments of the the iPhone 5. … [Read more...]

Wedbush: LTE iPhone 5 Coming 2012

Scott Sutherland of Wedbush Securities today issued a statement claiming that the next-generation iPhones will land in October with an iPhone that will target the emerging markets, also an LTE iPhone 5 in 2012 with a "materially improved user … [Read more...]

Al Gore:New iPhones for Next month (iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S)

Few minutes ago we posted that Apple may be release only the iPhone 4s  but The Next Web, reported that the Apple board member Al Gore today issued a claim that Apple will be releasing new iPhones this coming month. This is the first public comment … [Read more...]

When Will the iPhone 5 Be Available For Sale ?

All Things D and Jim Dalrymple both weighing in saying that Apple will announce the next iPhone (iPhone 5) on October 4th  , the question here that follows is How long after that until the iPhone 5 is released? … [Read more...]

T-Mobile : We Are Not Getting the iPhone 5 This Year

A leaked internal document from T-Mobile mentioned that the carrier will not offer the iPhone 5 on its network this year. A Previous rumors have suggested that Apple would open up iPhone availability on all US carriers with the iPhone 5 launch this … [Read more...]