Top 5 iPhone Apps for the Deaf and Hearing-impaired

Apps for the Deaf and Hearing-impaired

With the right apps, there could be a thousand and one things possible for somebody who is hard or hearing. Or for that matter, deaf. Here are 10 of the best. #1. Dragon Dictation: Easily, this could be your best buddy in the selection. With its … [Read more...]

Apps You May Need this Christmas

Christmas Apps

If you need help this Christmas, here are a few apps that might serve useful: Santa's Bag It's not just an ordinary app for your to-do lists. Santa's Bag offers other features like Christmas countdown, budget management, gift organizer. It's … [Read more...]

Anti-Theft Software for Iphone

They might not mean what their name says but they are essential nevertheless What do I mean by “not meaning what their name says,” you ask? “Anti” means “against” so “anti-theft” should mean “against theft.” Since there is no equivalent to a car’s … [Read more...]

The Last 5 out of the Top Ten paid iPhone Apps

Last 5 out of the Top Ten paid iPhone Apps

In case you still did not know, just this Monday, the Apple Store released a list of the top 10 paid iPhone apps. Gave you a sneak peek of the first five and here are the last set from 6 to 10. 6. NFL Kicker 13 (Full Fat) - This is an … [Read more...]

The Latest Top 5 Paid iPhone Apps

Latest Top 5 Paid iPhone Apps

Early this week, Apple Store has released the official list of top 10 paid iPhone apps for the week ending September 24, 2012. This will give you a sneak peek of the top 5 with the other 5 to follow soon: 1. WhatsApp Messenger (WhatsApp Inc.) – … [Read more...]

Buy BeejiveIM – The AIO Instant Messenger for the iOS


Now featuring push functionalities, BeejiveIM continues to be a smart all in one instant messenger client for the iOS, a convenient app that simplifies the instant messenger communication needs and requirements of mobile iOS users. With support … [Read more...]

Awesome Calendar for the iPhone – Not Just a Name

Awesome Calendar

With the iPhone’s fully featured status, its use as a productivity tool has helped countless businessmen, office workers and field agents accomplish duties and tasks, maximizing the use of modern communication technologies in an effort for everyone … [Read more...]

The Best Travelling-Friendly iPhone Apps for Adventure Seekers


The long-anticipated summer vacation brings a travelling experience every office employer craves while spending endless working hours the rest of the year. In order to make your vacation incredible and more pleasurable, you should take advantage of … [Read more...]

Listen to FM radio on the iPhone


There are many great applications such as Pandora for streaming music on the iPhone, but what if you just want to listen to the plain old radio? Even though the iPhone doesn’t have specific hardware to do so, it’s still possible to stream local radio … [Read more...]

#Monday Best Sales On AppStore Compatible With iOS 5 (Games & Apps)

Deals & Steals from Smash iPhone , the weekly deals of App Store . Here are today’s on iOS, Mac, and Mac App Store apps that are on sale for a limited time, so get them before they end. … [Read more...]