How to Turn Your iPhone into an Emergency Kit

iPhone into an Emergency Kit

With thousands of apps at your beck and call, there’s no question your iPhone can easily become your best everyday companion. Just imagine a day without the device. Sounds like the end of the world right? However, surprisingly your iPhone is more … [Read more...]

When an iPhone gets wet


As fully featured as the iPhone may be, it isn’t waterproof and given its portable form as a gadget, iPhones getting wet are not unheard of cases, with numerous iPhone users having the bad luck of loosing their iPhone’s functionality due to … [Read more...]

Clearing your iPhone


The iPhone may be phone but as device, it also combines various functions and features, making it somewhat like a computer which users can put in bits and pieces of themselves over time, from photos to movies, stored messages to archived … [Read more...]

How to Change Your iPhone’s SMS Tone


Given the popularity of the iPhone as a mobile, it’s no wonder why iPhone users are constantly configuring and customizing iPhone units to suit specifications and personal quirks. From installing third-party apps designed to personalize customized … [Read more...]

Transferring iPhone contacts to another iPhone – An iPhone User Tip

iPhone Tips

“How do I transfer my iPhone’s contacts to other phones?” is one question many iPhone users ask, typically AFTER the purchase of an iPhone is done, and AFTER the purchase of a second iPhone, like in the case of upgrading from an iPhone 3G to an … [Read more...]

iPhone Tips – Configuring the Phone App


Given its full hardware features and capabilities for mobile entertainment and enhanced mobile browsing, many tend to forget that at its core, the iPhone is a phone. Often used for engaging gaming sessions, Facebook updates/comments posting or … [Read more...]