Devices may Cause Eyesight Complication

using apps in the dark

Some people prefer the paperback books, but a lot are now hooked to their devices for ebooks that may offer visual graphics to enjoy the book more. What's more, with gadgets loaded with games and ebooks, one can read and play even in the … [Read more...]

iBooks Review – How to Save PDF Files in Your iPhones


As a mobile device, the iPhone isn’t just geared for enhanced mobile and online communication, digital entertainment and increased mobile internet browsing, but also stands as a nifty e-book reader, the very item for book lovers to have. With … [Read more...]

Push e-mail Notifications for Sparrow

Push e-mail Notifications for Sparrow

As an email client, Sparrow is one which Mac and/or iPhone users are well acquainted with, given its immersed benefits and links with Gmail and Google Apps. Also sporting the modern minimalist design ethos which has put Mac and its products on the … [Read more...]

Incredible success in sales of iPhone 3G …!

No, its not a bug, not a story about two years ago, if not this week. According to AT & T, they plan to offer the device free with a two year plan, which of course has caused a demand for the iPhone 3G and has been described as "tremendous." … [Read more...]