Apple Raises AppleCare+ Service Fees, Launches In Europe And Adds iPods

Apple Raises AppleCare+ Service Fees, Launches In Europe And Adds iPods

n conjunction with the announcement of two new models of iPhone today, Apple has also made several adjustments to its AppleCare+ coverage. First of all, it has raised the service fees for accidental damage from $49 to $79 each visit. The plan … [Read more...]

Regarding the new iPod Touch

new iPod Touch

Amidst talk of the said release of the “iPad Mini” this month, Apple is said to have released its digital user manual for the new iPod Touch – the 5th generation model of the “iPhone sans phone” gadget to come from Apple. Falling in conjunction … [Read more...]

SlideShark for iPad, PPT presentations are sent to your tablet


The truth is that a designer who is comfortable in the cloud world with his or her creations and uses the opportunities that the internet gives us to sell should clearly use at least if the possibilities exist, to take a portfolio of their work, or … [Read more...]

Enable iOS 5 Panorama Mode On Your iPhone And iPad Without Jailbreak (Tutorial)

Now you can enable Panorama camera Mode on iOS 5 without jailbreak. Yesterday The popular iPhone developer chpwn has just released a tweak named Firebreak to enable panorama camera mode in iOS 5 camera app. Now you can enable Panorama camera Mode on … [Read more...]

#Monday Best Sales On AppStore Compatible With iOS 5 (Games & Apps)

Deals & Steals from Smash iPhone , the weekly deals of App Store . Here are today’s on iOS, Mac, and Mac App Store apps that are on sale for a limited time, so get them before they end. … [Read more...]

Apple Lossless Audio Encoder becomes open source

Apple has surprised us today to have decided that its code known Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) is now an open source project. ALAC is a data compression method that reduces the size of audio files without losing information or, which is the same, … [Read more...]

Happy 10th Birthday iPod

Believe it or not the iPod is now 10 years old, it was like this time that Steve Jobs went on stage to announce a new device that would change listening to music forever, and yes it was the iPod. You can see this in the video below. … [Read more...]

Semitet hered Jailbreak iOS 5 with quick restart for the iPhone

From BigBoss comes good news for anyone with a Tethered iOS 5 Jailbreak. There is an application that has been released that allows you to make a Tethered Jailbreak a Semi tethered Jailbreak, which lets you restart or shut down your Tethered device … [Read more...]

View applications in a locked screen

PowerLock is a Cydia application that lets you view and open applications from the locked screen. To get it there you have to: 1. Enter Cydia. 2. Search PowerLock. 3. Download the application. 4. Enter to "Settings" in the iPod. 5. Click … [Read more...]

Download Google+ App For iPod touch & iPad Now

  Google has just released the update of Google+ app for iPhone,the main goal of this update is to support iPad and iPod touch. … [Read more...]