New York Metropolitan Transit Authority release train-locating app for iPhone and iPod Touch


The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) recently released an app for iOS devices called MTA Subway Time, designed to provide detailed information on the arrival schedules of trains to users. Based on a report from the New York Times, the … [Read more...]

ImTOO iTransfer – All-in-one iDevice Backups

ImTOO iTransfer

With the ImTOO iTransfer app, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users no longer have to worry much about loosing important media files to system crashes, given how the suite combines all the necessary features looked for in data backup … [Read more...]

Regarding the new iPod Touch

new iPod Touch

Amidst talk of the said release of the “iPad Mini” this month, Apple is said to have released its digital user manual for the new iPod Touch – the 5th generation model of the “iPhone sans phone” gadget to come from Apple. Falling in conjunction … [Read more...]

And the iPod, too, gets some time in the limelight


With analysts convinced that the new iPhone and the said iPad Mini are bound to come out along with the official launch of the iOS 6 this September, another rumor touching up on the iPod had recently come out, to the tune of all the other iDevice … [Read more...]

Jailbreak Update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, released

Jailbreak Update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, released

As Apple recently (though silently) released an update for the iOS, a jailbreak update had also been released, though any connection between the timely release of the two remains to be labeled as a matter of coincidence. Dubbed as Absinthe 2.0 iOS … [Read more...]

The Retina Effect

The Retina Effect

With Retina Displays being a hot topic among Mac fans, talk about its implementation into the next generation of Macs is rife, with analysts reportedly indicating that LCD’s of Retina display caliber are actually present in current supply … [Read more...]

Apple: No Planes For Siri on Other Devices

Apple has said that it has not any plans to implement Siri into any other iOS devices besides the iPhone 4S. Apple confirmed it today in an email to developer Michael Steeber. … [Read more...]

Siri Works on Jackoplane's iPhone 4 ?

The iPhone Developer Jackoplane has received many mentions on his twitter, the mentions saying Congratulations to him for makes Siri works on the iPhone 4, but he didn't posted a video or something as a proof. … [Read more...]

EasyPay, an automatic payment system, may soon come to the Apple Store

Like with some hypermarkets or department stores have also installed similar systems in their premises, Apple is planning to implement an automatic payment method on their official stores. According to a source of 9to5Mac, this system is called … [Read more...]

Lets Talk iPhone: The iPod nano and iPod Touch (Photos)

During the Lets Talk iPhone event earlier today, Phil Shiller talked to us about the iPod. We have heard a lot of rumours about iPods being discontinued and other being introduced and now we will find out that is actually going on. … [Read more...]