The new iTunes 11.0.3 with MiniPlayer and an improved Songs View


A new version of iTunes was recently released by Apple, featuring the new MiniPlayer and improvements for Songs View. Officially dubbed as iTunes 11.0.3, the new media suite’s MiniPlayer comes with a progress bar and content artwork frame, … [Read more...]

Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 game for the iOS

Iron Man

As the subject of mobile games based after hit blockbuster films isn’t anything new, the availability of the new Iron Man 3 game title for the iOS doesn’t exactly come as big news, with just cause. Developed by Gameloft, the game takes its title … [Read more...]

iTunes rakes in $4 billion in revenue for the 2nd quarter of 2013


Apple’s iTunes Store, as it nears its upcoming 10th anniversary this April 28, made a new record, raking in revenues to the tune of $4.1 billion in the second quarter of 2013. A report featured by Engadget also notes that Apple posted $9.5 billion … [Read more...]

“Download Later” option now available in iOS 6 and iTunes 11

Download Later

A “download later” option for the iOS 6 and iTunes 11 suite was recently added as a part of the selection of function control options featured in the two app purchasing and management utilities. At its most basic, the new feature essentially arms … [Read more...]

Google Music’s free scan & match – A rival for iTunes’ Match

google music

Google recently “enabled” the scan and match feature now found in Google Music, a feature that was once only available and featured in Europe. The service essentially entails the scanning and matching of music collections and archives, then could … [Read more...]

iTunes Gift Cards in Facebook Gifts

iTunes Gift Cards in Facebook Gifts

As Facebook’s Facebook Gifts has been gaining significant traction, the upcoming holiday season has done well in brining more users to the featured online service highlight, inviting Facebook users to use Facebook Gifts as a means to “celebrate … [Read more...]

AC/DC finally on iTunes

AC/DC finally on iTunes

As it is no secret that Apple’s iTunes has become a veritable avenue where music purchases and album discoveries can take place, it is also no secret that there are a number of artists who have taken a “hold out” stance in featuring their music in … [Read more...]

New iTunes Launch, delayed till November


As the new iTunes was announced to roll out by late October, Apple recently announced that the official release of the new iTunes 11 will be moved to November, with “getting it right” being cited as the primary reason. Initially announced during … [Read more...]

iTunes “Makeover” by the end of 2012?


With factions for, against, and “cannot be bothered to take sides”, Apple has been the focus of a lot of attentions lately, from the release of its iPad 3, the absence of support and updates for the Mac Pro line, and the upcoming release of the next … [Read more...]

Setting up your iPhone for internet radio

Setting up your iPhone for internet radio

A “radio feature” may not come as an appealing feature to be found in a mobile, but in no way does this mean that nobody listens to the radio anymore. In fact, the growth and popularity of streaming internet radio tells a lot about how radio has … [Read more...]