Google in the process of developing an app launcher for Macs

Google in the process of developing an app launcher for Macs

Gone are the days when specific-brand developers only catered to a specific segment of the market, with products by Microsoft found to be compatible for the Apple products, and services by Google made available in Microsoft and Apple’s featured … [Read more...]

MacBook Pro dubbed the “Best Performing Windows Laptop” by Saluto

MacBook Pro

In what has been met with piqued interests, an IT company offering management services recently named Apple’s MacBook Pro as the “Best Performing Windows Laptop”. Based on its report, Saluto made a series of “in the field” tests on the mobile … [Read more...]

Microsoft further pushes the new Office 365, increasing the price of Office 2011 for Macs

While it is no secret that Microsoft has been adamant in promoting the new Office 365, the brand recently implemented a price increase for one of its products, further driving its point. Revealed in a report by Computerworld, the new pricing … [Read more...]

Lion goes “extinct” as Mountain Lion is out

Mac OSX Lion

A CNET report tells about the “extinction” of Apple’s OSX Lion as the newer Mountain Lion OS rolled out last July 25, 2012. Taken down from Apple’s App Store and in various Apple retail venues, the said “extinction” followed after the impromptu … [Read more...]

Push e-mail Notifications for Sparrow

Push e-mail Notifications for Sparrow

As an email client, Sparrow is one which Mac and/or iPhone users are well acquainted with, given its immersed benefits and links with Gmail and Google Apps. Also sporting the modern minimalist design ethos which has put Mac and its products on the … [Read more...]

The promised power of Wunderlist


For office team leaders and team members, Wunderlist is a nifty app to have, available in different platform versions for mobiles and computer systems. Primarily a “to-do” management and organization app, Wunderlust is made to streamline the … [Read more...]

Mac Pro Petitions well on the rise

mac pro

Given that there haven’t been any recent updates on the Mac Pro lineup, petitions calling for more details and information related to it are on the rise. Snubbed from updates for almost two years, professional-level desktop users are asking Apple … [Read more...]

Apple Released Java for Mac OS X 10.7

Download  Java for Mac OS X 10.7 . Apple has released Java for Mac OS X 10.7 Update 1 via Software Update. The new java comes with fixing of some bugs that was in older versions. … [Read more...]

Pixelmator 2.0 goes live tomorrow, Will You Be Getting It?

The Mac platform is to see a new product appear. Remember the "Pixelmator" which was basically exactly like Adobe's Photoshop but for Mac users. It is said that it gives you around 80 percent of what the current photoshop does. You will be able to … [Read more...]

Apple updates the drivers for Canon and Fuji-Xerox

Apple this week has launched the latest update drivers for Canon printers and Fuji-Xerox. This was due to public outcry, that currently left a lot of users of these printers stranded, if you will. With these 2.7 and 2.2 updates, respectively, Apple … [Read more...]