MacBook Pro dubbed the “Best Performing Windows Laptop” by Saluto

MacBook Pro

In what has been met with piqued interests, an IT company offering management services recently named Apple’s MacBook Pro as the “Best Performing Windows Laptop”. Based on its report, Saluto made a series of “in the field” tests on the mobile … [Read more...]

Fan Speed Issues reported to be experienced in MacBook Pros

MacBook Pros Fan Speed Issues

A story published by has recently caused a stir among MacBook Pro users, particularly units which had been part of the early 2013 released series. According to the report, new MacBook Pro (with Retina Display) models are showing signs of … [Read more...]

MacBook sales in the US drops by 6%, based on NPD data


A story published by AppleInsider touches up on the data gathered by the NPD Group, noting that there had been a 6% decrease in the sales of MacBook in the US, taking place during 2012 holiday sales season. In the report, the NPD Group’s Weekly … [Read more...]

The Retina Effect

The Retina Effect

With Retina Displays being a hot topic among Mac fans, talk about its implementation into the next generation of Macs is rife, with analysts reportedly indicating that LCD’s of Retina display caliber are actually present in current supply … [Read more...]

Apple Testing A 15-Inch UltraThin MacBook

We posted a number of posts about the upgrade in Apple's MacBook models that we are expecting to see in the forseeable future. This new model appear on Apple's online store with better processors, more storage capacity and better graphics for the … [Read more...]

Believe or not you will be able to connect to your home WIFI by your iPad or MacBook 60 miles away far from home!!!

When i heard this for the first time i didn't believe and wondered about the ability of being true and how that could be happened but when i heard about the new Super WIFI from apple would allow your MacBook to connect with your Time Capsule from up … [Read more...]

If you want to buy the new MacBook Air now you can save 50$ with Amazon

Are you interested in the new MacBook air with its all huge facilities and thinking in buying it well its a good decision we recommend and we can help you in saving some cash with amazon deals,According to apple store the new MacBook air coast 999$ … [Read more...]

Protect your iPad 2 and give it the MacBook Air look [video]

Now you can protect your iPad 2 and make it look like MacBook Air in the same time that's by using the new white aluminum case, … [Read more...]

New MacBook Airs Are Coming Next Week

Still waiting for the MacBook Air refresh? You can put your credit card down for a bit. Although many speculated it would, Apple didn’t bring the new machines to market today. And it’s not going to do so tomorrow, either. … [Read more...]