Cradle turns smartphone into handheld biosensor

Cradle turns smartphone into handheld biosensor

While not exactly related to the recently released Start Trek film, the premise behind utilizing an iPhone as a “tricorder” was recently entertained by researchers at the University of Illinois. Based on the University of Illinois’ online press … [Read more...]

Samsung and Apple lead the US mobile market

smartphone fight

Not surprisingly, Samsung and Apple dominated the mobile market in the United States, based on the stats recently featured by Comscore. The stats indicate that Samsung is actually leading the mobile industry in the US, raking in a 26.3% total of … [Read more...]

First Flexible Smartphone Prototype from Nokia [Videos]

The first flexible phone prototype is now shown for real. Yes, it is indeed true. Who has done it you ask?? Well it is Nokia. They have done some pretty impressive stuff with thie mobile gadget and they are calling it the "Kenetic Device". You can … [Read more...]

Incredible success in sales of iPhone 3G …!

No, its not a bug, not a story about two years ago, if not this week. According to AT & T, they plan to offer the device free with a two year plan, which of course has caused a demand for the iPhone 3G and has been described as "tremendous." … [Read more...]