Shoebox, or how to use the iphone to save our old photographs


Photographic world come in form of many apps, so we have to do a thorough research before deciding on some in the App Store for iPhone for example. However, the best ones, always have something that makes them different from others, and in this case, … [Read more...]

Zypr, a system like Siri but with a free and open API

If you live on planet Earth and are interested minimally in technology, surely you know about Siri the command and control software via voice is the star of the iPhone 4S phone. Since then the idea of Cupertino is not new (the hands-free car, many … [Read more...]

Softonic Moba 1.0.3

With Softonic Moba we can download content from this download page on our iPhone without having to be visit the homepage. Softonic Moba is a tool for the iPhone that offers the possibility to connect to the official Softonic page from the comfort of … [Read more...]