Top 5 iPhone Apps for Making and Sharing Videos

ipad apps for video

There’s something about moving pictures that make them more fun to watch than just still ones. Classic example: YouTube. And also thanks to this demand, a plethora of video-making and sharing apps are the latest to hit town. With many of these … [Read more...]

iPhone App Feature – The BUG Music Videos App


BUG Music Videos, one of the world’s most frequented sites for music videos and other entertainment-inclined content, recently released its BUG app for the iPhone, the first app developed by BUG for the world’s favorite mobile. Released in … [Read more...]

Circket to be the first prepaid carrier to sell iPhones


In the beginning, the iPhone was only available for one carrier: ATT.  After their contract expired many of the major carriers started making iPhones available to their network.  However, not all carriers went this route; pay as you go services … [Read more...]