Cool, New Handset for 5-year Olds and Up


Most of the time, we see kids using tablets for games these days, perhaps the age has come for them to have their new handsets as well. While other parents would think that kids should not have one for many good reasons, a new handset, WeGo, released … [Read more...]

Sprint Denies Report of Providing Unlocked iPhone 4S

We reported that Sprint is planning to sell the iPhone 4S with an unlocked micro SIM slot. This would allow users to use local SIM cards whent they travel abroad. This would reduce costs of calls dramatically for users that usually travel a lot. … [Read more...]

Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4S Can be Unlocked

Reported by Macworld a short while ago a fact about the CDMA iPhone 4S that many of us did not realise straight away. This is that the Sprint CDMA iPhone 4S comes GSM-unlocked, and the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4S can be unlocked if requested and it will … [Read more...]

Sprint Commits to Buying $20 Billion Worth of iPhones

The Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint is preparing to purchase 30.5 million units of the iPhone over the next four years, not taking into account whether they will be in demand at that time or not. If we consider the current selling price of … [Read more...]

Sprint Starts Capping Data As A Preparation For The iPhone 4S

Now we are sure that Sprint is getting the iPhone 4S om October as Sprint made a careless move on the part of the nation’s third largest cell carrier: in a move an obviously suggestive of a major new iPhone (iPhone 4S) incoming on October, Sprint … [Read more...]

Analyst :Apple To Launch Sprint iPhone By This Christmas

According to Analysts Apple’s iPhone will be coming to another American wireless carrier this year (Sprint-Nextel ) in Christmas.With Apple’s iPhone now on the Verizon network, all eyes are on Sprint Nextel, the nation’s third-largest wireless … [Read more...]