How to Maximize Your Tablet Use


If you’ve bought your tablet just to check on those emails, then you could be severely limiting your device, not to mention your life. And whether you’re into a Steve Job creation (along with its iconic iPad mini keyboard case) or you’re leaning … [Read more...]

Devices may Cause Eyesight Complication

using apps in the dark

Some people prefer the paperback books, but a lot are now hooked to their devices for ebooks that may offer visual graphics to enjoy the book more. What's more, with gadgets loaded with games and ebooks, one can read and play even in the … [Read more...]

Tablets forecasted to bring down PC growths by 1%


Be it 50% or 1%, the fact is that the rise of tablets is forecasted to have significant impact in the PC arena, with industry analysis, expert opinions and surveys forecasting a PC downtrend by 1% to happen within 2012 to 2013. Reports based on … [Read more...]

An Asus-Google Tablet to Come this July?

asus google tablet

Rumors tell of an ongoing Asus and Google collaboration, with both organizations intent in releasing a 7 inch tablet device to come out this July. Unverified reports indicate that an initial shipment figure of 600,000 units of the said product is … [Read more...]