5 Social Media Network Deadly Sins


In more ways than one, technology has made linking with someone whether personally or professionally a lot easier. Services like LinkedIn and Facebook, for instance, allows people to build social networks even without leaving the comforts of a … [Read more...]

How to Find Your Lost iPad Fast


It’s hard to believe but a study done last year revealed that a third of iPad owners would choose to be in a car accident rather than lose their i-tablets. Sounds extreme, right? It actually made my jaw drop in disbelief. And though the full details … [Read more...]

How to Best Handle Computer Stress


With a deadline to beat, it is easy to lose track of the time when you’re in front of a computer. Unluckily for many of us, this unsuspecting habit can lead to complications health-wise and performance-wise. The bad news:if this go unchecked, this … [Read more...]

iOS 7: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade


Taking a leap can be fraught with danger. This is true even when the decision revolves around your fave Apple gadget. The newest and currently labeled ‘most versatile’ ever of the mobile OS bunch, iOS 7, brings in a plethora of useful improvements … [Read more...]

Rumor Has It: New Apple TV won’t make headlines with rumored iPhone launch


While anticipation over the unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone (or iPhones) is at the top of countless blogs and tech-centered media outfits, a new rumor delving into the alleged launch of Apple’s latest Apple TV with the new mobile devices has recently … [Read more...]

The Netbook forecasted to see its end by 2015

Netbook forecasted

We talked about how the end of the netbook’s days are looming in a previous post, noting how two of the world’s biggest makers of netbooks – Asus and Acer – had decided to ditch their production of the product class. New figures based on IHS … [Read more...]

iOS 6’s Maps and its negative reactions

ios 6

With the new iOS 6 already released, reviews touching up on its featured highlights have come out, with a significant portion of those dedicated in negatively shedding some light on its Maps software features. With rumors talking about Google Maps … [Read more...]

Samsung fights back

samsung fights back

A number of reports have lately been circulating online, touching up on Samsung’s intention to run a series of “anti-Apple” advertisements focusing on a comparative take on the Korean brand’s Galaxy S III and Apple’s recently debuted iPhone … [Read more...]

An Asus-Google Tablet to Come this July?

asus google tablet

Rumors tell of an ongoing Asus and Google collaboration, with both organizations intent in releasing a 7 inch tablet device to come out this July. Unverified reports indicate that an initial shipment figure of 600,000 units of the said product is … [Read more...]