Updated Twitter for iOS app features access to trending topics

Updated Twitter for iOS

Twitter recently rolled out an update for its Twitter for the iOS app, offering a new feature that provides user access to global trending topics. Also updated with relevant bug fixes and system enhancements, the new Twitter for the iOS comes with … [Read more...]

Age Rating Scheme now featured in Apple’s iOS App Store

Age Rating Scheme now featured in Apple’s iOS App Store

In a short feature posted by 9 to 5 Mac, the App Store recently implemented a new tweak to its overall operational scope, donning a new age rating scheme that is positioned below an app’s developer credentials and details. The new Age Rating … [Read more...]

Zypr, a system like Siri but with a free and open API

If you live on planet Earth and are interested minimally in technology, surely you know about Siri the command and control software via voice is the star of the iPhone 4S phone. Since then the idea of Cupertino is not new (the hands-free car, many … [Read more...]

Softonic Moba 1.0.3

With Softonic Moba we can download content from this download page on our iPhone without having to be visit the homepage. Softonic Moba is a tool for the iPhone that offers the possibility to connect to the official Softonic page from the comfort of … [Read more...]

Twitter App Updated To Support iOS 5 (Download Now)

Twitter has just released an update to its iOS app(twitter 3.5),it's something like getting ready for iOS 5 that is supposed to be released in the next few hours. … [Read more...]

Twitter's Server's Capacity Can Handle the iOS 5

As we have reported that Apple has integrated with Twitter, and that means that Twitter is about to become deeply involved into the iOS 5 and that it is going to drive a lot of traffic to the micro-blogging service’s servers. The question that comes … [Read more...]

Sending Photos using MMS to Twitter (How To)

Interested in Twitter Apps?? Then this is defiantly your thing.Twitter has announced that they have added a new app enabling users to attach photos to their Twitter timeline using MMS. All the user needs to do, is to take a photo and send it to the … [Read more...]

"TwitkaFly" new jailbreak tweak lets you send tweets straight from your iPhone SpringBoard

The new IOS 5 has many features especially with twitter its somehow compatible together just one thing was missing the ability of making tweets directly from your iPhone home screen … [Read more...]