How to Stay Secure Using a Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi

Nowadays, it’s easy to be lured by the prospects of free Wi-Fi. However, if you’re thinking you’ve got it lucky finding a public Wi-Fi to access . For the uninitiated, a public Wi-Fi could be heaven-sent. However, on the contrary, it actually is a … [Read more...]

Believe or not you will be able to connect to your home WIFI by your iPad or MacBook 60 miles away far from home!!!

When i heard this for the first time i didn't believe and wondered about the ability of being true and how that could be happened but when i heard about the new Super WIFI from apple would allow your MacBook to connect with your Time Capsule from up … [Read more...]

The new version of Tonido …

The Code the LLC has just made available the new version of its application Tonido, with which you can access folders on our computer devices directly from IOS. … [Read more...]