“Teardown” reveals a number of similarities between the S III and 4S

A teardown, which is basically the act of breaking apart a device, reveals that the latest Samsung Galaxy S III mobile sports parts which are similar with those on the iPhone 4S.

Initiated by iFixit, the teardown was featured in conjunction with ChipWorks, with the Samsung Galaxy S III being the teardown’s subject.

Through the teardown, it is revealed that the S III utilizes an update of the same Sony camera used in the iPhone 4S. The camera’s sensors are also quite similar between the two units, and as iFixit did initially put it, the unit’s components are “basically the same”.

Further investigation revealed that the S III’s camera-sensor components are updated versions of those on the iPhone 4S. The S III’s memory and storage component are different from those on the iPhone 4S.

The teardown also reveals that the design fundamentals between Apple and Samsung are prevalent, though it is understandable since Apple does contract Samsung in the fabrication of certain internals, with Apple heading designs and directives.

Given the non-secret relationship shared between Apple and Samsung, it’s not entirely surprising to hear of internal similarities between models coming from the two brands, even with the fact that both brands are heavy direct competitors.

What’s surprising to hear is how Samsung wasn’t included in the reported roster of contracted LCD makers for the next iPhone, which tells something about Apple and Samsung’s relationship.

With Apple recently filing a lawsuit against the design ethos of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in the US, the situation also pegs electronic consumers into wondering if “strained” would be apt in describing the current Apple and Samsung friendship.

What do you think? Think Apple and Samsung are bound to call their relationship quits?

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