The 8mm Vintage Camera App for the iOS

Those with a penchant for classic films will find a lot to love about the 8mm Vintage Camera app, an app which allows iOS device users the capacity to record videos with an old-school classic vibe.

Essentially an app that works through the combination of filters and effects, 8mm Vintage Camera features a wide range of classic video effects, including true to life frame by frame jitters, on-scene flickering, film dust and scratches and more.

Easy to use and lightweight in its consumption of mobile device resources, bringing back the retro look of videos is made easier and fast with 8mm Vintage Camera.

8mm Vintage Camera App for the iOS
Instant “old school” thorough simple swipes and taps

With a “live view” of its effects, users can readily see who a “treated” video would look like when recorded with 8mm Vintage Camera.

Featuring 7 different “lenses”, users can easily manipulate light leaks, color tones, and frame flickers, matching them with a selection of 8 “films” which can be set as sepia, noir, grainy and more. The application’s “jitter button” allows its users the capacity to set on-screen jitters whenever they feel, yielding to a more random jitter effect which comes with classic films.

With support for 720p HD recording, 8mm Vintage Camera users can easily capture the most high definition of “old school” films. Also coming with “projector sound” features, users can opt for different sound schemes with the use of 8mm Vintage Camera, making its overall function as a classics emulator thorough and comprehensive.

For users with existing video archives, 8mm Vintage Camera’s effects can also be incorporated into them, making the app more than just a real-time video capturing tool. With built-in features that work with a device’s default Camera Roll, 8mm Vintage Camera users can also readily share their “old school” content via email, or upload them to Facebook accounts.

In reliving the by gone days of the 50’s, the 8mm Vintage Camera App brings the past to live.

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