The AL13 “bumper” case by Designed by m for the iPhone 5

As a case option for smartphones and tablets, “bumper cases” have somewhat become an ongoing trend.

Developed to complement with a given device’s already impressive form and solid construction, “bumper cases” are, at their most minimum, companion products that work well with the device it is designed to be used with.

Al13 bumper
When talking about “bumper cases” for the iPhone, the AL13 by Designed by m is by far one of the most easily recognized, as status that is backed by the fact that the company’s Kickstarter campaign for the product had been an immense success.

Founded by Lester Mapp, Designed by m’s AL13 “bumper case” takes a “clean, simple buy awesome design” form factor, one which doesn’t stray far from the core design directives found in all of Apple’s range of featured products.

Not only available in case versions for the iPhone 5, Designed by m’s AL13 is also available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S handset models, extending its protective and design features to more than just one iDevice.

In a time when cases are developed to “stand out”, the AL13 takes a more subtle approach, sleek and complementary to the minimalist looks found in the iPhone. While it can be argued that most electronic consumers find “bulkier” cases as more suitable for their needs, in terms of protection and in terms of letting their mobiles stand out, Designed by m’s AL13 bears an “anti-case” take in its overall being, allowing iPhones to still maintain their overall look, only made more enhanced with a bumper case.

Bottom line, the AL13 “bumper case” does well in being the most complementary case option for the iPhone.

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