The Android IPHONE

Everyone knows that in today’s mobile industry, the Android Operating System and Apple’s iPhone/iOS are the top two leaders, each boasting features over the other.

So when word of an Android IPHONE – a mobile that sports the form factors of an iPhone AND runs on the Android OS – came out, the news was met with mixed sentiments.

Android IPHONE
Developed by IGB Electronica, a company based in Brazil, the Android IPHONE was announced by the company on December 18, with the company reported to have the rights to use the name in Brazil until 2018. Based on a report from Reuters, the company had applied for the trademark rights to use the IPHONE title/name in 2000.

Its initial product, dubbed the Neo One, is essentially a device that features a form factor that is similar with Apple’s iPhone (though not exactly like the iPhone), but runs on Google’s Android mobile operating system.

As a device, the Neo One comes with a 3.7 inch display sporting a 480 x 320 screen resolution. It comes with dual-SIM card support, runs on Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread), and features GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G connectivity capabilities. It also rates 2 gigs worth of storage space.

Given how “touchy” Apple is with regards how other brands treat – or to simply put it in the plainest of terms, rip-off – their products, the prospect of Apple not being too happy with the device is looming.

Though Apple has yet to issue a statement regarding the Android IPHONE, the possibility of another copyright infringement suit being raised cannot be ignored, but as the company is said to have processed the right trademarks, it stands to be an interesting device.

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