The Best Travelling-Friendly iPhone Apps for Adventure Seekers

The long-anticipated summer vacation brings a travelling experience every office employer craves while spending endless working hours the rest of the year. In order to make your vacation incredible and more pleasurable, you should take advantage of the best iPhone travel apps. Whether you are planning to explore your own city or make a long-planned round-the-world trip, you can benefit from using the next 5 AppStore travel-friendly gems developed for those who seek a good adventure and entertainment during their vacation.

Save money on your flight with Skyscanner!

It is available for free on AppStore

Skyscanner can easily become your favorite travel app downloaded from the AppStore especially if you travel a lot by plane. This neat app will help you buy the cheapest flight tickets and save time by offering the best budget deals for airline passengers in practically all countries.

Why you should use Skyscanner?

•    because it has a nice and user-friendly interface giving you easy access to the best budget flight deals;
•    it has an advanced on-the-fly search system for searching the cheapest flights on the closest dates from more than 1000 different airlines;
•    save the routes by emailing the details of a deal to yourself;
•    it is easy to book plane tickets for a group;
•    it has multilingual support.

Skyscanner is a must-have application for every traveler who doesn’t have aerophobia.

Packing will help to take everything you need along in a trip!

The AppStore price: $2.99

Packing Pro (+To Do) is a favorite travel application of the majority of Americans because it prevents your packing for a vacation from turning into a chaotic process when you take useless stuff and forget the really important things. I agree that application seems to be too simple to be paid but you may reconsider your opinion when it will help you create a list of to-do things and give reminders on what you have to do before a flight to another country.

Why I recommend using Packing Pro:

•    create to-do lists by selecting among the thousands of items tourists usually take along when traveling. The multi-selection option of items is included;
•    take an advantage of iCloud support;
•    share your packing lists via email and iTunes File Sharing;
•    choose among the pre-ready average and customizable templates of packing lists for men/women/teens/kids considering such factors as your destinations, food preferences, clothes washing and other important trifles;
•    an easy-to-navigate option between 2 main categories of the app – Packing, Catalog, Help and Design.

Packing Pro seems too simple at first but give it enough time and you will soon realize how helpful it can be.

EveryTrail – create an interactive map of your journey!

The AppStore offers it for free

Track. Share. Explore – such motto gives to its users this profound free travel app. With this iPhone app, you will be able to create interactive maps of your walking routes in any city. Easily turn your iPhone into an eye-catching simple map with street names, a built-in compass and audio guides. You can also set up the average speed and duration of your walking route to share it with your friends and let them experience the same during their own vacations.

You can also use any of 400,000 routes shared by other users of the application. Do not waste your time in vain while traveling – with EveryTrail you can explore the most interesting routes on the planet!

HotelPal – the best hotel booking service on your iPhone!

Free application

There are plenty of applications like HotelPal available on AppStore however, this particular tool has a few beneficial features that sets it apart. First and foremost, HotelPal offers free services on booking hotel worldwide. You are free to search for the best hotel deals by location, GPS or zip code. Users of HotelPal can book online for more than 100,000 hotels all over the world.

Another advantage of this app is that it has a bunch of built-in maps where a user can compare the hotel locations as well as rates. There is a sophisticated checker of live hotel availability as well. You can also check the best sightseeing amenities located nearby your chosen hotel.

Urbanspoon – find the best on-spot dining facility!

This application can be downloaded for free

No matter where you chose to rest, you need to eat. To pick up the best dining locations surrounding you in a strange town you can take a risk by trying one of the advices given by the locals or instead you can use 100% accurate tips from Urbanspoon. Simply specify your current location and the app will show the most highly rated dining facilities in your neighborhood.

Urbanspoon contains thousands of pre-ready luxury dining solutions for gourmet and some good choices for those who are looking for budget but risk-free fast-food chains. Browse the reviews left by other users and create your own ratings and share them online – Urbanspoon is foremost an interactive community for travelers who share their world dining experiences.

If you want to travel without the risk of having food poisoned in a doubtful dining spot then you are best to use as your reliable dining guide, Urbanspoon for your iPhone/iPad.

So right now you are pretty much ready to start a journey with such good assistants at your fingertips. But these 5 travel applications cover only the tiniest part of the Travel category in the AppStore. I am sure there are other good travel apps you yourself can recommend. Please feel free to share them on the comments below.
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