The Braven 625 – The Bluetooth made for your iPhone

Lightweight, portable and reasonably priced, the Braven 625 is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for iPhone owners, combining enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and control features in delivering quality audio outputs.

Sporting a look and feel that is tuned with the iPhone’s endearing modern-minimalist design directive, the Braven 625’s is built to not just look good, but also made to weather the outdoors, making it a match for those who travel a lot. In terms of “outdoor use”, the Braven 625 also comes with a flashlight accessory, which doubles its functional utility features as an electronic device for consumers.

Bundled with a water resistant carry case, users don’t have to worry about finding a separate pack or pouch for the Braven 625, which is an added plus for the portable Bluetooth speaker’s carry around purpose.

With a battery rating a charge life cycle of up to 16 hours, users will have a long-charging Bluetooth speaker that isn’t a power hog. In fact, users could even use the Braven 625 as a portable charger device for mobile gadgets other than the iPhone, accomplished via the Bluetooth speaker’s built-in USB port.

With enhanced iPhone connectivity features, establishing a Bluetooth link between the Braven 625 and an iPhone is quick and easy. In fact, its Bluetooth connectivity feature allows for links between various Bluetooth-capable devices, not just limited for singular or dedicated iPhone use.

Lightweight, portable and reasonably priced, the Braven 265 is also performance enhanced and built to weather the elements, making it a no-nonsense Bluetooth speaker that is easy to use and easy to configure, making it the perfect Bluetooth speaker match for the iPhone.

If you’re on the lookout for a Bluetooth speaker that isn’t just talk, the Braven 625’s sure to gain your attention.

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