The bulletproof VestGuard UK Ballistic case for iPads

Here’s an iPad case that’s made for iPad users who find themselves literally in the line of fire – the soon to be released bulletproof VestGuard UK Ballistic case/cover.

Developed with uni-directional aramid fibers, the VestGuard UK Ballistic case’s fibers are processed in high tolerance standards, accomplished within VestGuard UK’s state of the art facilities.

Based on official statements from the brand, the VestGuard UK Ballistic cover’s bulletproof aspect is “not a metaphor” used in describing its sturdy form factor, but is a term that should be taken literally since the iPad cover can effectively stop 9mm bullets!

Given VestGuard UK’s previous history of producing safety and protection gear and items, the VestGuard UK Ballistic iPad case is one which can be pegged as believable, with the brand’s established line of products including body armor pieces, Kevlar gloves, and also a line of de-mining helmets.

Though the VestGuard UK Ballistic case for iPads is still not available in the market, its bulletproof aspect has gained it enough attention, with a number of netizens drawn to its enhanced bulletproof features.

Journalists and soldiers are slated to be the target market of the VestGuard UK Ballistic case, but as bulletproof as the case is, it still doesn’t add waterproof factors to iPads, which is a feature which most iPad users would most likely want to have in an iPad case.

Last year, a “bulletproof” iPad case made it to PC World Mag’s “Stupidest iPad Covers” list, caused by the fact that the case wasn’t really bulletproof. The status of the VestGuard UK Ballistic case for iPads making it to that list this year will have to wait until it is officially ready for release.

But seriously though, as an iPad user, do you really need a literally bulletproof iPad case?

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