The Cydia Developer Directory: Easy Access to Developer Info and There Tweaks

Now it’s very easy in Cydia to navigate through and find information about developers and the tweaks they have created.Information of this nature is key to the user and comes in handy fairly often when looking for new and useful applications and tweaks.

Cydia Developer Directory is a convenient portal for users to access information about developers and the tweaks they have created .Cydia Developer Directory released by ModMyi . The directory is optimized to be viewed in the following fashions:

  • Available directly from the ModMyi website at the following URL:
  • On mobile devices from the same URL
  • Also, if inside a package on Cydia that is hosted by the ModMyi repo, scroll down until you find the Cydia Developer Directory tab. From there, tap the button to view the directory from inside Cydia

Cydia Developer Directory enables you from viewing developer information and applications and  tweaks they have made. You can search for a specific developer or just simply scroll down through the list and choose which one you would like to view. Inside a specific developer, you will find a small biography and a list of all the applications and tweaks. Tapping any of the packages listed on the specific profile will direct you to the page of the application or tweak you pressed.

Note: While you are viewing  Cydia Developer Directory on your idevice, scroll to the bottom and tap the Cydia Developer Directory home button to return to the main menu.
The Cydia Developer Directory has a lot of room to grow and has a bright future in regards to incorporating with the Cydia Store experience. But in order to continue growing and thriving, ModMyi needs support from the developers out there in the community.

[Via ModMyi]

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