The end of the Chomp App Search Engine

In tune with the shutdown of Ping, the Chomp app search engine is also reported to have met its demise, with the reports of a number of app and service users touching up on the subject.

Reported to have been purchased by Apple for $50 million last February, the move was said to be geared in enhancing Apple’s App Store, with the move leading to the end of the Chomp app and services for Android platform users by April.

A number of Chomp’s service users noted how the iOS application and website were no longer available recently, questioning what had happened to it.

In the beta release versions of the iOS 6 which was released to developers last August, an App Store version bearing certain similarities with Chomp was seen, just as how the new official iOS 6 release of the operating system comes with a Chomp-inspired/base App Store feature.

The end of the Chomp App Search Engine
With the new App Store essentially combining elements of the Chomp app search engine, the Chomp shut down doesn’t necessarily translate to the end of its search engine features and readily accessible app discovery highlights, given the fact that it had been integrated to the new App Store in iOS 6.

Though geared to be more streamlined, comments regarding the new App Store have left many users in wondering what was wrong with the previous versions, with particular emphasis on how the new version only features “panes” or “cards” of one application at a time, contrary to the list standard it utilized in previous versions.

No clarification regarding updates or fixes geared in resolving the abovementioned concern has been noted to come from Apple yet.

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