The First iPhone 4S TV Ad, Featuring Siri (Awesome Video)

Apple have just aired the first television advertisement for the iPhone 4S. This new advert focuses on Apple’s virtual assistant Siri. We have not seen this ad yet on Apple’s official YouTube channel .

Watch awesome video of iPhone 4S from Apple below .


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The ad shows a few situation in which Siri could be used and some where it might be necessary that the user will talk to their phone. There are different scenarios to appeal to different kinds of people who see different things in their everyday lives. The different scenarios are:

  • Looking up Google Maps directions
  • How to do something
  • Checking the weather
  • Location-based reminders
  • Playing music from the iPhone music application
  • Setting up alarm clocks
  • Sending text messages

Siri ends the ad by saying  “Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet.” I think it is a pretty neat ad. What do you think?

Via 9to5mac

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