The Galaxy S4 VS the iPhone 5 (another “drop test”)

With the Samsung’s newest flagship S series handset now available in retail venues in major markets, the number of “drop tests” pegging the Galaxy S4 against the iPhone 5 have significantly increased in number.

Galaxy S4 VS the iPhone 5 (another “drop test”)One test featured by Mashable looked into the screen quality factors of the two smartphones, weighing down which of the two phones had the better, more enhanced screen for movie and image viewing experiences.

The featured test yielded to a tied result, noting that both phones sported similar capacities and capabilities with their screens.

In terms of the two phone’s body build however, different tests spearheaded by various online media outfits note that the iPhone 5 is more solid, a state which hasn’t really changed much since the release of the Galaxy S3.

Previous “drop tests” involving the Galaxy S3 have shown problem points with the mobile’s overall sturdiness, a downside which is caused by the S3’s plastic body, as opposed to the iPhone’s aluminum metal from. The same condition is revealed to be the same with the Galaxy S4, which, doesn’t exactly score major points against the iPhone 5’s sturdier, more solid body.

In terms of features and functions though, the Galaxy S4 has nifty bits which are definitive, a huge step over its predecessor model.

Long story short, it appears that the Galaxy S4 loses to the iPhone in terms of build quality, but wins the match in terms of its featured software/hardware functionalities.

Is build quality really all that big a smartphone factor to sway you to get an iPhone 5 instead of the Galaxy S4?

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