The Good in Good Reader

As a device, tablets are often categorized as “content consumption” devices, products whose overall design and function are anchored on the access of digital content.

From visiting websites to accessing social networks via online entity-specific apps, owners of iPads are well aware of how functional their tablets are in satisfying its “content consumption” premise as a product.

But as functional as the iPad is as a product of its class, there’s no reason why users can’t further enhance its potential though the use of well-thought-off comprehensive suites like Good Reader.

good reader

The Good in Good Reader

 Though marketed as a PDF reader, Good Reader is actually more than just about PDF documents and files, with its featured extended support for different formats like doc files, ppt files, xls files, saved html pages and Safari webarchives, high resolution images and more taking center stage.

Lightweight in the consumption of system resources and readily easy to use, the app also comes with support for annotations, matched with an intuitive built-in file management system that resolves any concerns touching up on file organization and access.

With Good Reader, iPad owners can easily transfer files from one folder to another, as well as rename them based on their version details and updates. The suite also comes with built-in support for cloud storage access and synchronization, supporting a number of popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync and more.

Designed to work with the internal components of the iPad, Good Reader is easily one multi-functional reader app iPad owners can’t afford to ignore.

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