The iOS 6’s Maps

A report from Tech Crunch notes that Apple, in resolving the issues its Maps software had brought up, is intent in calling upon the services of former Google employees who have had a hand with Google Maps.

With the report noting that Apple is specifically keying in on Google Maps employees who worked on contract, the report notes that its source for the report is actually one of the Google Maps employees whom Apple is said to have contacted.
ios 6 maps
The Business Insider, in a previously published feature, notes that Google has a manpower pool of 7,100 professionals – with 6000 contractors and 1000 full time personnel – running its Google Maps software, working on combining all the features and functions made available in Google Maps. Their tasks would include laying out/drawing of maps, as well as the updating of databases and other pertinent information.

The same Business Insider report notes that Apple has a total of 13,000 non-retail employees, which says something about how vast the workforce Google has put on simply maintaining its Google Maps.

As the new iPhone 5 and the updated iOS 6 have respectively come up, Apple has been on the receiving end of criticisms and commentaries touching up on the quality of their own Maps software.

Given that Google Maps stands to be a major player with where mapping software is concerned, the absence of Google Maps in the iOS 6 is something which many netizens have dubbed as a “fail” in Apple’s part.

As resolutions come, Apple is said to be working on finding a way to better sate the needs of its Maps users. The report from Tech Crunch notes that Apple has gone as far as calling for the services of those who’ve had a take in working with Google Maps.

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