The iOS Kindle Update

With new adjustable margins and enhanced features taking shape in Notebook for Textbooks, the Kindle app for the iOS recently came out with an update, one which tackles on the issues which had been bothering users in previous versions.

Designed to work with the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, the new Kindle for the iOS update is worthy of any user’s attention, though “creatures of habit” may want to properly store backups of previous versions, since the update is altogether a new version of the app.

The iOS Kindle Update
Dubbed as version 3.2, the new update comes with enhanced layouts reading options and adjustable margin controls for the iPad, with the enhanced update of “Rapid Highlights”, a feature designed to allow users to easily “mark” passages and quotable quotes for later use.

Brightness control is also given a facelift as a feature in the update, allowing users to readily set the right brightness setting that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor reading.

For books with graphics – photographs, graphs and other images – the new version comes with support for graphics highlighting, much to the tune with how users could readily highlight lines and phrases from e-books.

Notebook for Textbooks (Print Replica Textbooks) also comes with features for enhanced notes compiling and consolidating, making the task of recalling and organizing highlights of phrases and images an easy task to accomplish.

With the undeniable rise of e-books as a mainstream mode of digital publication distribution, the new iOS Kindle Update rises to the challenges and demands most e-book users are plagued with their e-book readers.

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