The iPad 4

2012, when referencing the year with Apple’s product unveiling and product release calendar history, will be remembered to be an interesting year for the Cupertino-based brand, with two iPad versions – three if the iPad Mini is to be counted – rolled out to end user markets.

As the iPad 3 was released early this year, the last quarter of 2012 witnessed the release of the iPad 4, with the tablet featuring Apple’s A6X processor, fabled Retina display and the new Lightning Connector port standard, with everything else about the new tablet bearing the same similar highlights to be found in the iPad 3, including its price tag points.

iPad 4
Essentially an update version of the iPad 3, the new iPad’s main differences can only be found in its faster processor, with the tablet essentially bearing the same design factors found in the iPad 3. Even the iPad 4’s packaging is reported to be similar with the iPad 3’s, leaving the question “Is it really worth the upgrade?” to those who have come to know about the new tablet.

Though it has to be said that games and gameplay experiences with the new iPad 4 is revealed to be faster, it has to be said that games and gameplay experiences with the older iPad 3 is not really that morbidly slow to merit an iPad version exodus.

So far, the iPad 4 hasn’t really been applauded by Apple fans and Apple detractors alike, though the point of its price and featured highlights have been talked about and discussed in different online avenues.

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