The “iPad Mini’s” e-book enhanced capabilities to be highlighted this Oct 23

With October 23 ascribed to be the official unveiling date of the “iPad Mini”, a side-speculation has been circulating around the scheduled event, with many talking about how the “iPad Mini’s” enhanced capabilities for e-book reading will take center stage.

Reports from the Next Web note that the “iPad Mini’s” 7.85 inch sized screen makes it perfect for e-book reading, with the report essentially noting how that particular feature will be focused during the “iPad Mini” launch.

As 7-inch sized tablets have been steadily gaining their own line of followers, the Amazon Kindle Fire is slated to dominate the product arena, propelled to success with its low-cost price terms.

In following suit, the “iPad Mini” is reported to NOT come with Apple’s famed Retina Display, resulting to a configuration that is inexpensive, matching the budget friendly price of 7 inch sized tablets.

With reports talking of suppliers having been contracted to produce “ten million “iPad Minis” for the fourth quarter” of 2012, it appears that Apple is going all the way with its upcoming mobile device.

Though no official word on the official release of the “iPad Mini” this October 23 has come from Apple, speculations note that the product will be rolling out right after its official unveiling.

Given Apple’s status as the premiere brand for quality mobile communications and entertainment devices, anticipation over the release of the less costly “iPad Mini” is understandable, one which is heavily anticipated by Apple fans and Apple detractors.

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