Update: The iPhone 5

If you are an iPhone fan, then you must have heard of the iPhone 5. We have been following rumors that have been going around  about the iPhone 5 very closely, these started quite a time back.

We all thought that the iPhone 5 was really going to be released at the Apple’s event last month that took place on their campus along side the iPhone 4S. These rumors were even more so confirmed when we saw a prototype of the phone being sold or given nothing was confirmed back then. We also were seeing signs from different sources that for sure the iPhone 5 was going to be released this year.

However, after the Lets Talk iPhone event that took place on the 4th of October, there was a big disappointment from iPhone fans all over the world, for not getting the iPhone 5. But the iPhone 4S has made a great first impression and is getting widely liked everywhere. We now think that it would be logical that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 during its annual event that takes place sometime in June every year. So that means we will be able to get our hands on the iPhone 5 sometimes around June 2012. That is 8 months from now.

We posted an infrographic for the iPhone 5 all the way back in March 2011, since then the information that we have of the iPhone 5 has changed to some extent.

We are still thinking about what possibly could be included in the iPhone 5. Here is what we predict it is going to look like and what type of date to expect it:


iPhone 5 Release Date :

We are expecting somewhere around June 2012 which is the normal time that we are used to Apple introducing their new iPhones. So it is only natural that it will be released on that day. But that is still quite a wait away so what can u expect in the new iPhone 5.

iPhine 5 Processor:

A new iPhone usually means a new operating system and Apple has been known to do this with all its iPhones. So we are expecting to see iOS 6 with the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Design:

Apple are always changing their iPhone models, if you remember the iPhone 4 was to an extent very different to the previous iPhones, where the iPhone 4S was clearly not. So we are expecting a massive change with the new iPhone 5. We are expecting a model that is made out of metal, a thinner model than ever before and also a bigger screen. This will all add up to make a beautiful iPhone and it would be a great selling point for when it is first announced.

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iPhone 5 Power: 

We all know that the iPhone 4S made a great leap in that area having a dual core processor and 1GB RAM which and 8 megapixel camera. We do not expect that the iPhone 5 will imrpove much in that area unless users become more power hungry increasingly fast. Which is highly doubt-able. However we do think there may be improvements in the display area making it more appealing to play games.

This is the information that we have been able  to bring to you, and hope that you are still hungry for more information about the iPhone 5. Because we will be updating you with all information, rumors and tips as we get them. So stay tuned!

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